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Why Russian manicure technique is good for you nails?

5 secrets to know more about the professional Russian manicure technique

The Russian manicure technique, also known as dry manicure, has gained popularity for several reasons, especially when used in conjunction with gel application.

Some advantages of using the Russian manicure technique for gel applications include:

#1 - Precise cuticle removal

The Russian manicure technique involves the use of specialized tools such as eletric files and flame or ball drill bits to precisely remove the cuticle without causing damage to the surrounding skin. This results in a cleaner nail plate, which is essential for a smooth and long-lasting gel application.

#2 - Reduce lifting and chipping

Proper preparation of the nail plate through the Russian manicure technique can help minimize the risk of gel lifting and chipping, as the gel adheres more securely to a properly prepped nail surface.

"We do detailed nail preparation seriously before color application" – Owner of Ooh La La Nails

#3 - Enhanced nail health

The gentle and precise nature of the Russian manicure technique can help maintain the health and integrity of the natural nails, as it minimizes the risk of over-filing or damaging the nail plate and cuticle by using the chemical acetone remover.

#4 - Professional finish

When combined with gel application, the Russian manicure technique can result in a professional looking finish, with smooth cuticles and a well prepared nail surface that provides an ideal canvas for gel polish or extensions. You could even see the very smooth surface of the nail showing the perfect reflection of the light bulb.

#5 - Long lasting

Clients often appreciate the attention to details and the improved longevity of their gel manicures when the Russian manicure technique is used as the gel on the nail plate can last for 3 weeks to 5 weeks or even longer. It means you don‘t need to go to nail salon every 1-2 weeks, but you could do your nail every 1 month or even longer so it is relatively cheaper to spend on your nails.

We are the profession to provide gorgeous nail service!!

It‘s important to note that the Russian manicure technique requires specialized training and expertise to perform safely and effectively. Please feel free to whatsapp us at 51383866 for more details of our services.

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