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Why us

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"What is Russian Manicure?"

"What makes you so different with the other nail salons in Hong Kong?"

"Why there is a huge big gap between the color gel and the cuticles?"

Have you ever experienced that the moment you have just done your nails and you noticed there is a very big gap between the color gel and the cuticle part? It feels like you have done your nail for a whole week long already!! For customers who pursue perfection will have to go to nail salon again for just 2 weeks or 3.


Furthermore, we saw so many nice and pretty nail styles on different social medias, however, they always got so many thick and dry dead skin around the nails including those cuticles were pushed back up high by the nail technician plus with the aging dry skin around the bottom part of the nail. It is indeed so disgusting no matter how beautiful the design is.


In fact, Hong Kong people have a very fast pace of life, they walk fast, eat fast, speak fast and live fast, so does the nail industry. Hong Kong people won't spend too much time for nail, they tend to finish nails like 45 minutes to an hour maximum. So all the nail salons in Hong Kong, they will make you nails as fast as possible by not cleaning all the cuticles for you, they will just push back the cuticles a bit, cut a bit for you and paint the color and that's it. Customers who don't know what and where cuticle is, people will think they have cleaned all the cuticles for them already, and thought the nail technician had done a good job. There is one point you should know, if the cuticles were not cleaned, the color cannot be applied too close to your cuticle, some nail technician might tell you "it is impossible to apply this close to your cuticle, and it's not good for you..." it is all because they didnt do their job well.

For the fact that you should know, before nail technician applying any color or gel, they need to clean up all the cuticles and all the aging dry skin around the nail, make the entire nail plate 100% clean, so they can move on to the next step, this is the aim of Russian Manicure technique. So that the nail technician can apply the color very close to the cuticle, and it feels like there is no gap between the cuticle and the color, this is also what we called "NAIL ART".

Russian manicure is known for the best nail technique in the world. It is an entirely different techniques and different instruments are used for the cuticles. With the type of manicure, your nail is perfectly trimmed and smooth around the edges, ideal for applying a seamless polish. Once you try this manicure, you’ll feel the difference and how easy and safe it is to trim your cuticles!

WHAT our customers  SAYs

“Really great service!!!  I hightly recommend that you get your nails done here. Would definately have you saying Ooh La La as you leave with pretty nails ;)”

— Junimay Cortes, from Hong Kong