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If you're looking for a nail salon that offers something truly unique, the look no further than our salon. We're different from other salons in several ways, and we're proud to offer our clientele an experience that they won't forget. Here's what sets us aparts:

Russian Manicure Technique

At our salon, we specialize in Russian manicures. This technique involves using unique tools to shape and polish your nails, resulting in a clean and precise look. Our trained tehnicians have years of experience in this technique, ensuring that your nails look their best. 

High-Quality Gel Brands with 3000 colors

We understand that the quality of gel products matters when it comes to your nails. That's why we use only the highest quality gel brands from overseas, such as Japan, Korea, USA, Russia, an Germany. Our gel products are gentle on your nails and provide long-lasting results. We pride ourselves on offering an extensive range of options for our clients, including an impresssive selection of 3000 gel colors to choose from. Whether you're looking for a classic shade or something bold and trendy, we have the perfect gel color to fit your style. 

Sanitization Protocols

We take the safety and health of our clients seriously. That's why we sanitize all nail tools with high-temperature ovens an UV machine to prevent bacteria and viruses. Our salon follow strict sanitization protocols to ensure that you can relax and enjoy nail treatment without any worries. 

Introdudcing Our Unique Nail Salon:

Experience the Difference 


Russian manicure is known for the best nail technique in the world. It is an entirely different techniques and different instruments are used for the cuticles. With the type of manicure, your nail is perfectly trimmed and smooth around the edges, ideal for applying a seamless polish. Once you try this manicure, you’ll feel the difference and how easy and safe it is to trim your cuticles!

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WHAT our customers  SAYs

“Really great service!!!  I hightly recommend that you get your nails done here. Would definately have you saying Ooh La La as you leave with pretty nails ;)”

— Junimay Cortes, from Hong Kong

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